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CNC Vertical Machining Center
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Directly Coupled Servo Motors
The MV-Series servo motors are connected to the ball screws with rigid shaft couplings. These couplings ensure that even under severe loading from sharp corner machining, precise interpolation is achieved. This design is superior to both and flexible shaft coupling designs.

Chip Removal
Simple and efficient design uses chip augers on both sides of the machine and provides high volume coolant to wash the chips from the work area. The augers move the chips into the disposal container, which eliminates the need for an operator to manually remove chips. This system eliminates operation intervention and reduces non-cutting time.

Double nut designed ball screws
We use only premium quality preloaded double-nut ball screws from THK, IBU STAR and HIWIN. On the MV-Series machines each ball screw is accurately aligned parallel to the guide ways and anchored at both ends. They are then pre-tensioned to improve machine stiffness. The rotational torque variation is inspected to guarantee a non-binding, highly accurate, and long running component. With this design the MV-Series can exceed customer requirements for accuracy and maximum life.

Swivel Operator Panel
The operator panel swivels for better operator convenience.

Cast Iron Construction
We use only top quality well-ribbed castings. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used on each new casting to determine the size and location of all internal ribs ensuring high torsional stiffness and minimum vibration. The cast iron base column, saddle, headstock, & tables have over 10 times the dampening capacity of those made from steel resulting in superior cutting performance.

Linear Guide Ways
We use STAR and HIWIN linear guide ways that feature zero clearance and fully-loaded carrying capacity in all directions. The ways consume less power and requires no adjustments. They linear guide ways out perform all other types of ways used today. Additionally, each way is automatically lubricated independently to increase life.

Cartridge Type Spindle
The heavy-duty spindle utilizes FAG or NSK ABEC-7 bearings to allow heavy cutting. Oversized disk springs used to hold the tool in the spindle are tested for long life. The high retention force of the springs reduce tool movement, improve tool life, allow heavier cutting, reduce chatter, & create a better part finish. This spindle is prepared to easily add the CTS option.

Rigid Tapping
The encoder is directly attached to the high-performance spindle motor. The spindle is then synchronized with the Z-axis motion. This synchronization eliminates the need for expensive floating tap holders and prevents thread distortion and thread pullout.

Ball Bar Testing
We use a stringent ball bar test that checks not only linear accuracy but also machine geometry. This test insures that each machine meets the three-dimensional squareness and accuracy requirements.

Item MV-30i  MV-40i  MV-50i  
Capacity  Unit  


X axis travel  mm(in)  800(31.5)  1020(40.2)  1270(50)  
Y axis travel  mm(in)  510(20.1)  635(25)  635(25)  
Z axis travel  mm(in)  620(24)  610(24)  610(24)  
Distance from spindle nose to table surface  mm(in)  100-720   (4-28.2)  152-762  (6-30)  152-762  (6-30)  
Distance from spindle nose to column surface  mm(in)  570(23)  660(26)  660(26)  
Table size (L×W)  mm(in)  890×510  (35×19.7)  1120×610            (44×24)  1420×610          (56×24)  
Max. table load weight  kg(lb)  500(1100)  800(1760)  800(1760)  
T-solt size   18T×P100×5  18T×P100×6  18T×P100×6  
Spindle speeds  rpm  8000  8000  8000  
Spindle nose (nominal size, No.)   NO.40  NO.40  NO.40  
Spindle bearing inner diameter  mm  70  70  70  
Rapid traverse X,Y/Z  m/min (IPM)  32/32/28
32(1260)  32(1260)  
Max. cutting feedrate  m/min (IPM)  12(472.8)  10(393)  10(394)  
Drum type  Drum type  Drum type  
Tool storage capacity/arm type ATC(opt)  pcs  20  20  20  
Max. tool diameter(with adjacent tools)  mm(in)  125(5)  95(3.7)  95(3.7)  
Max. tool length  mm(in)  250(10)  250(10)  250(10)  
Tool change time (T-T/C-C)  sec  7.5/13  7.5/13  7.5/13  
Spindle motor(30min)FANUC  kw(HP)  5.5(7.3)  11(14.7)  15(20.1)  
X,Y/Z axis motor  kw(HP)  3/4(4/5.3)  3/3/4
( 4/4/5 .3)  
( 4/4/5 .3)  
Height of machine(H)  mm(in)  2585(101)  3000(119)  3000(119)  
Floor space(L×W)  mm(in)  2730×2535              (107.5×100) 2800×3800       (110×149.6)  2800×3800       (110×149.6)  
Total machine weight  kg(lb)  5500(12120)  6890(15190)  6980(15390)  
Power requirement  KVA  30  30  30  
Computer control  FANUC  0i-MC  0i-MC  0i-MC  

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